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The Baltimore Fountain Pen Society is an informal gathering of writing instrument enthusiasts in the Metro Baltimore area. It's easy to join—just show up at our next meeting. With a few exceptions, we meet at members' homes. Each year we hold a joint meeting with the DC Metro Fountain Pen Club during the Washington DC Fountain Pen Supershow.

What do we do at our meetings? We

  • Enjoy friendly fountain pen fellowship.
  • Show acquisitions and discoveries.
  • Tell pen stories—the good, the bad and the ugly!
  • Play with various pens and inks.

Some of us prefer vintage pens, some modern pens and still others are wild about both. Some of us are pen collectors and others are simply pen acquirers. Whichever category you fit into, if you love to write with, talk about and dream of fountain pens or other types of writing instrument, we hope you'll check us out.

Don't forget to check out news of our past meetings. Also you'll find on this page videos of a commercial featuring a special celebrity talking about a special brand and type of fountain pen and the society's first podcast featuring an interview with club notables.

About our logo: Baltimore is home to the nation's first large-scale monument to the first president of the United States. The 178-foot Washington Monument—which includes a 16-foot tall statue of the president—sits at the center of a beautifully landscaped park in the Mt. Vernon area of the city. Our version of the monument, of course, features a 16-foot fountain pen nib—in gold.


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